For those of you visiting us for the first time, welcome! Please have a look around. For those of you looking us up and finding things decidedly different from our first four years, we hope you’re pleasantly suprised. We’ve put a lot of energy into making this a worthwhile, year-round hub for amateur endurance motorsports and we’re excited about our future here.

First, an explanation. As annual listeners of the 25 Hours of Thunderhill will know, we have historically been a once-a-year proposition. We generally find enough support to get ourselves to Willows, CA every December before parting our ways and gearing up for the following year. In an effort to both increase our presence and find a way to help promote our corner of the sport, we began development of this very website to find a way to bring more of the kind of racing that matters to the people that care about it – and perhaps introduce it to those that haven’t.

In this case, we’ve chosen to focus on most of the US-based amateur and semi-professional series. There’s enough of a following that we can start to build the community and make a hub for our corner of the sport. Additionally, we’ve chosen to highlight a few non-championship races both here and abroad. These generally go under the radar, but they are real gems of endurance racing in their own right. Who knows? Someday, maybe we’ll be live there as well.

We have a few goals with what we’re doing at the new Endurance Radio. The first is obviously to continue improving our standard of live coverage. We were born out of the desire to talk about races that no one else talked about, and we believe we have an obligation to keep improving until we – and our viewers – are satisfied.

The second is to promote the races that generally slide under the radar. With more than a handful of series to choose from in the United States alone, there’s a lot of racing going on. We’ve identified a few races that we believe may be worth pursuing coverage of. However, there is enough racing that we would like to give our corner of the sport a home. We’re aiming to have event pages for as many of the races as we can. Obviously, we can’t provide in-depth coverage for every one of them.

But you can! And that’s our third and ultimate goal with our work here. We believe that the community is the strongest asset motorsports has, and the amateur endurance racing community is a tight-knit group. As time goes on, we want to encourage community participation. That currently is a work in progress, but there is enough infrastructure to get signed up. Feel free to comment on event pages or post team and driver reports from car builds and events.

We’re not expecting a flying start here. The 25 Hours of Thunderhill on December 2-4 serves as a great opportunity to bring our established audience in on our work as well as to build a new one. From there, we think there’s a lot of potential.

We’re really excited about what’s coming, and with enough involvement from the community, we think we can provide endurance motorsport the home it deserves. Sign up and get involved! There’s plenty more to come…