When people ask who Endurance Radio is, we typically give them a simple answer: We’re racing fans with microphones.

In reality, that’s very true. None of us are broadcasters by profession, but we’re all extremely passionate about motorsports. Our first broadcast from the NASA 25 Hours of Thunderhill back in 2011 was born out of the fact that no one else had done it before. Five years on and Endurance Radio has grown not only to a team of six from all around the country but also to become an integral part of Thunderhill. We’re incredibly proud and humbled by that fact.

Every year we’ve returned to Thunderhill, we’ve improved. We work on a budget – there is no question about that. However, we’ve made steady improvements to equipment and infrastructure and placed a high importance on our social media engagement throughout the event weekend and the motorsports community has responded with great enthusiasm.

As we’ve worked through 2016, discussions with our supporters have led to the birth of a new vision for Endurance Radio. While we’ve certainly become a part of the 25 Hours of Thunderhill weekend, what was stopping us from becoming a part of the community year-round? The endurance racing world is a vast one, but a passionate one. While amateur endurance racing needs no promotion to be successful, some of the best facets of our sport are the ones that slip under the radar of the casual fan. That’s where we believe we have an opportunity.

As you view the site, you’ll notice a distinct lack of coverage of the “money makers” of endurance racing. They’ve got their promotion taken care of. The weekend warriors around the world however – the ones who show up with beat up race cars out to have a good time with their buddies for a weekend – they’re the ones we want to showcase.

It’s our vision, ultimately, to provide endurance racing series worldwide with a means of promotion and fans with a source of information and coverage. We may not make it to the track every weekend. However, the┬ápassion for motorsports on this level is unparalleled, and we hope our work here is too. We might not be professional journalists, and calling us broadcasters is still entirely too kind. But if we can bring some of the best racing the world has to offer to more people, then we believe our work is successful.

As mentioned, we work on a budget. The development of the new Endurance Radio site has been a labor of love over many months. We can certainly use the support, not just to maintain our current infrastructure but to invest in new facets to our coverage and new opportunities for broadcasts. If you’re interested in sponsoring us, we have both website advertising and on-air sponsorship available for purchase, all of which is invested into the work we do here year-round (in addition to our day jobs).

Please use the contact form below to get in touch with us. We’re happy to hear from you regardless of what you’ve got to say – a word of encouragement, a thank you, a sponsorship inquiry, or even harsh criticism. We’re here for the sport, not for our egos.

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